South African Racism

In the past three years I have been privileged to make several visits to and around South Africa.

I found that although white racism is no longer legal, it remains embedded in much of Afrikaans society. And as white society continues to loose many of its race-based privileges, anti black sentiment is becoming more entrenched.

At the same time white society is having to cope with the black backlash including legislation such as Black Economic Empowerment which discriminates unfairly against white employment.

But indiscriminate use of abusive terms such as “Kaffir” and “Monkey” only hinder the future prospects of Afrikaans society.


Especially when it can be argued that the plight of white society in South Africa is the inevitable outcome of the predictable inadequacy of Apartheid.

During one visit we joined a tour of black townships. The tour guide was an Afrikaner who told us that he’d been disowned by his family because he worked to help improve life in black townships.

I believe that his understanding and approach to racial tension could help South Africa to overcome the present insurmountable problems of multiracial society.

Early Human

As a white Caucasian it’s easy and probably inappropriate for me to criticise white racism in SA, but research, thanks to advances in DNA technology, is now conclusive that we all came from one black tribe in Africa. All white ancestors were black and Europeans and Asians became progressively whiter because of the need to absorb more of limited northern sunlight.

Jan van Riebeeck

More interesting was to hear from our tour guide that we do not have to go back to prehistory for Afrikaners to come to terms with their black ancestry, because first white settlers were entirely male and the only “available” females were entirely black. And while men will be men regardless…!