Scottish Independence

If at first you don’t succeed

Nicola Sturgeon

Ignore why, and try, try, try again

Listening to Nicola Sturgeon on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, I was once again reminded how deceitful politicians can be.

She repeatedly avoided to answer John Humphrys’ questions of why she has reneged on her “once in a lifetime” pledge and how and when she would judge future changes in the Scottish Electorate’s support for Independence.

It seems a pointless exercise when politicians never answer difficult questions and reduce an attempt at the truth to a party political broadcast.

Is Nicola Sturgeon in politics to genuinely represent the majority wishes of the Scottish people or simply, by hook or by crook, to impose her own ambitions upon the future of the UK as a whole?


“I struggle to see how even the SNP with their political gymnastics can argue that it is so important for Scotland’s interests that we stay part of a wider union (the EU) to which we export 16% of our goods and services but that we must leave a union (the United Kingdom) to which we export 64% of our goods and services.”
The Scottish Conservatives’ leader Ruth Davidson.

“I want to focus on making Scotland one of the best countries in the world again. We will not achieve that by having a groundhog day debate about independence. If we keep on disrespecting the result, we will not achieve that better Scotland.”
Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie

“The SNP manifesto for the election mentioned independence on page 24, and claimed the SNP “took 210 words to say ‘mibbes if, mibbes aye, mibbes no, I’m not sure, trust me or ask the pollsters’. So many people in Scotland just want to move on from that referendum of the past. We have substantial new tax and welfare powers coming to the Scottish Parliament.”
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale

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