Ministry of Truth

Ministry of Truth

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. George Orwell

The fictional “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s book “Nineteen Eighty Four” was in reality a government department that subverted the truth.


What if we had a real, independent “Ministry of Truth” tasked with keeping track of party manifestos’ and individual politicians’ record of keeping to and achieving promises?

For example, when manifesto or politician “A” says “We will not put up VAT” we could access “A’s” record of the extent to which past pledges were kept.

And we could see that A’s promise had a percentage chance of being kept, including “A’s” comments regarding the validity and reliability of the statistic.

Perhaps as a result, black and white pledges such as the above would be modified to “We will attempt to avoid an increase in VAT because of ‘why we need to try’, by doing ‘something in our control’ and providing ‘something out of our control’ doesn’t happen“.

Nicola Sturgeon

It’ll be this big!

And perhaps referendum pledges that “This is a once in a lifetime, once in a generation choice” would either be made with appropriate conditions, or not made at all!

Alex Salmond

Now you see it, then you won’t!

And perhaps politics would become less of an art and more of a science. Fewer theatrics and prestidigitation, more objectivity and accountability.