John Moffitt

John Moffitt CBE, 1929 – 2008

Born in Cumbria in 1929, Sue Moffitt’s father left school at 16 to work on his father’s Hunday farm.

John moffitt with his father Edward

John kept a detailed diary for most of his adult life and was a great collector of records, literature and other items to do with his interests.

In his later years these formed the basis of three books, all published by Japonica Press, images digitised by Red Post Production.

Fergusons the Hunday Story
60 Years of Farming

The Ivel Story


He restored an Ivel, making it perhaps the oldest working internal combustion engined farm tractor in the world.

The Ivel at Silverstone

Also, working with George Potts, he built up one of the finest collections of Ferguson tractors and equipment.

George Potts

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