Communicating with the dead

I consider myself lucky in that I have no supernatural beliefs apart from a much diminished fear of the dark left over from childhood.

Therefore I was disappointed to learn of my wife’s and stepdaughters’ intention to contact “Gran” though a medium reading.

They returned totally convinced that they had successfully communicated with their much loved departed grandmother to the extent where they wanted me to listen to a recording of the reading, which I declined.

Despite my misgivings, I have to accept they appeared to have derived some sort of comfort from the experience, but bereavement is the process of dealing with real memories and adding false memories only serves to delay its successful conclusion. i.e accepting a person no longer exists.

For the world to emerge from its reliance upon supernatural and paranormal “crutches”, we need to question such beliefs and come to terms with scientific reality.

Tricks used by mediums

Hot reading is a technique used when giving a psychic reading where the reader uses information about the person receiving the reading which the receiver is not aware that the reader already knows.

Hot reading is commonly used in conjunction with cold reading which is a classic trick used by magicians, soothsayers, TV psychics, and other entertainers and charlatans. By asking a person the right questions, listening carefully, and making a guess or two, you can convince even many skeptics that you really are able to communicate with the spirit world.

Derren Brown and James Randi describe the techniques below


Derren Brown is an entertainer who has exposed psychic and faith-healing charlatans and I invite that you view the following exposé. For some reason the programme is in 5 parts but make sure you at least view the final to its completion, where all becomes clear!

And while I’m at it, ghost hunting TV programmes are also faked as this exposé shows