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Alister McGrath

A Pathetic Attempt To Discredit Atheism

I normally switch over to BBC Extra during Radio 4’s Sunday morning christian outpouring.

However, mention of “the new atheism is dead” kept me tuned in to the “Sunday” programme.

Alister McGrath

Fortunately, my disappointment with the programmes’ christian bias was well and truly confirmed by the inadequate level of argument presented by Alister McGrath.

The contrived attack by Alister McGrath on Richard Dawkins’ was demeaning. And his attempt to argue that science’s “lack of a theory of everything” can only be explained by supernatural belief was disingenuous to say the least.

And the programme seemed more concerned with publicising his new apologist book, “Inventing the Universe: Why we can’t stop talking about science, faith and God”, than presenting a balanced argument.

Listen to Alister McGrath’s excerpted contribution.

In lieu of the BBC’s failure to give a balanced view, I suggest that the producers and Mr McGrath read the customer reviews of his book “The Dawkins Delusion?” to get a more objective criticism of his ideology.

McGrath forgets that religions were invented by people who knew very little about anything and is being kept alive by the spurious argument that we still don’t know enough.

And McGrath overlooks the logical conclusion of his hypothesis, religion fills the gap in our knowledge, can only be considered as temporary, as the gap will inexorably continue to reduce.



As a so called intellectual historian and scientist, I suggest he and other apologist historians read “Proving History” by Richard C Carrier and begin to apply Bayes’ Theorem to their research.

Better still, if you’ve got time, watch him debate with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Surprised that Richard didn’t question the basis of McGrath’s argument that relied upon Jesus existing in the first place, let alone having supernatural powers.

Goes to show even using a “sledgehammer” can’t always crack a “nut”.