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The Day Sue thought I died

I think I’ve been stung by wasps only about five or six times during my seventy years. Last summer, after being stung I became quite unwell experiencing uncomfortable palpitations, loss of energy and eventually loss of sight. I understand that these symptoms were due to very low blood pressure. However, on the way to hospital and after having taken an antihistamine tablet, I recovered sufficiently and decided not to go in to A&E.

This I now realise was a mistake in that due to the severity of that episode alone I would have been prescribed adrenaline auto-injectors. And that antihistamine is only effective for more minor episodes and doesn’t act fast enough to treat an acute reaction.

Jext Auto-Injector

Auto-injectors such as Jexts are used to directly inject adrenaline to counter effects of the body’s disproportionate release of histamine and other chemicals in response to an allergen such as wasp venom. This inappropriate immune system response is known as anaphylaxis

However, on Saturday after being stung I eventually collapsed to the extent where Sue thought I wasn’t breathing. Gratefully, the emergency telephone operator managed to calm Sue so that she was better able to help me. On arrival, the ambulance medics administered sufficient adrenaline to bring me round, but all I remember is waking up in an emergency ward at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.


Apparently I was embarrassingly “vocal” during my ambulance “trips” but fortunately for me at least, I still do not remember a thing. Unfortunately, Sue and the ambulance team still do.

My treatment at the Royal Vic was first class and I cannot thank them enough.


Waspinator deters wasps from gardens, patios and other outdoor areas. It mimics an existing nest and thereby deters non “resident” wasps !

Having heard of wasps steering clear of other wasp nests, I’ve bought some Waspinators to see if they work. It’s not just to keep them away from me but to stop them nesting in and damaging our log cabin. (They use the cabin’s wood to build their own!). Up to now I have used wasp nest foam spays and powders which although work leave quite a mess.