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Future of the BBC


Members of the House of Lords, including leading broadcasters, producers and a BBC trustee, have debated developments regarding the future financing and independence of the BBC.

Members highlighted the BBC as an important social, educational and cultural national institution that is admired across the world and is an important UK soft power tool.


What I fail to understand that debates about the future of the BBC never seem mention that its programmes are free of advertising.

As a TV addict I find it very difficult to watch commercial programmes continually interrupted by mind numbing ads. ITV make good programmes but I can only watch them prerecorded where I can skip through the commercial breaks. Sponsorship indents are repeated to the extent of becoming nauseating.

Having visited a friend in Florida, I could not believe the extent to which advertising is used in programmes where every 5 minutes or so viewers are assailed by inducements to subscribe to legal or healthcare products.

A world without the BBC as it exists today, warts and all, would be a much diminished place.