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A lifetime of Windows

Windows Logos

I’ve often thought about how much of my life has been spent installing, upgrading, fixing and re-installing Microsoft Windows. Since 1985 I have laboured through some fifteen different editions, so I was amused during the beginning of the latest upgrade to Windows 10 that the screen invited me to “just sit back and relax”.

Windows 10 Logos

“SIT BACK AND RELAX!?” – I’ve been conditioned to expect the worst and as usual was glued to the screen just waiting for that error.

1%; 2%; 46%; my heart was racing, and then at 92% the drive indicator seemed to be in a loop and I feared disaster.


I couldn’t stand the stress and was already readying myself for an 8.1 recovery, so I couldn’t watch the inevitable any longer.

After several large cups of coffee I returned with eyes half closed expecting the process to be still looping at 92%, or worse still stalled.

But to my utter relief and adulation it had moved on to 99% and the upgrade proceeded to complete successfully.

No missing drivers, no unsupported devices and no unsupported applications! Thanks Microsoft, for the best upgrade ever! And from initial observations it looks to be the best Windows yet.