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O2 Groundhog Day

No Service

A weatherman finds himself Roy and Sue find themselves living the same day 24 hrs over and over again.”

Friday morning – 31 July
Roy phones 1 – Sue phones 1

We setup two new personal iPhone 6 contracts at O2’s Metro Centre Shop, Gateshead. Having completed our two year business contract with O2 we decided to renew as individuals, even though we only get 2G reception at Westside (EE gives 3G). We naturally thought it would be less problematic to stick with the same carrier.

Friday midday
Roy phones 2 – Sue phones 2

Everything seemed straight forward and we were advised to telephone and cancel the business contract there and then. And we should expect our existing numbers to port within 24 hrs.

Saturday morning
Roy phones 0 – Sue phones 2

Assumed than my phones had been switched off in preparation of porting. However, on telephoning O2 we were told it should take another 24 hrs although, because of the weekend, the process might not complete until Monday. It’s interesting to note although we were told not much happens over the weekend, someone or something switched off both my phones.

Sunday morning
Roy phones 0 – Sue phones 2

Fingers crossed for Monday. No phone calls to O2 as for some its their day of rest.

Monday morning
Roy phones 0 – Sue phones 2

On telephoning O2, Sue was asked to confirm I had power cycled my new phone and failing connection I should remove, clean and replace the SIM. She was told nothing had been done about her transfer because unfortunately someone at O2 Business had incorrectly completed her business contract termination form and the request had therefore been dismissed. Eventually she was told it would take another 24 hrs. Why couldn’t the person who dismissed the cancellation use some initiative as both phones were on the same contract under my name?


Tuesday morning
Roy phones 0 – Sue phones 2

I phoned O2 and after one hour found out they didn’t understand why my new phone wasn’t working because their systems reported it should. And yes, you’ve guessed, it will take a further 24 hrs!

Wednesday morning
Roy phones 0 – Sue phones 2

Sue exploded and phoned the shop to say if the situation was not sorted by Thursday morning we will cancel the contracts and return both phones. Later, after several additional, exasperating conversations she was told her case would be prioritised and will be sorted by Thursday morning. And in the meantime, I should once more power cycle my phone to see if it now connected. Thankfully it did!

Thursday morning
Roy phones 1 – Sue phones 1

Whereas I can accept things can go wrong, it’s about how problems are handled. Simply continuing to recycle the 24 hour excuse hoping that problems will eventually be resolved doesn’t make for good customer relations. And the situation should have been prioritised much sooner.

Thursday Afternoon
Roy phones 1 – Sue phones 1

Received an ENFORCEMENT AND TERMINATION NOTICE demanding £480.00 as full early repayment of the outstanding sum from a cancelled contract! Presumed this parting shot from O2 resulted from when someone or something mistakenly cancelled my new contract last Saturday. And this explains why with both contracts cancelled my O2 world had been left in limbo for so many days.

Must admit I was tempted just to ignore it to see how much effort and expense they would waste before realising the error!

Nevertheless, after wading through another three O2 departments was assured that the letter was sent in error. Hope this is the end of this sorry story.

P.S. Would be nice to receive a formal explanation and apology from O2.