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Who Started Your Career

I believe that like many others, my career was kick started by an opportunity that upon reflection was more about circumstance and luck rather than qualification.

In employing me as a mainframe computer service engineer instructor for the then Honeywell Information Systems, Support Manager Reg Morris effectively changed my life for ever.

I believe he based his decision upon three factors

  • I had studied psychology for one year at University.
  • I was of the firm opinion that good teachers were not necessarily the brightest and therefore more able to identify with potential learning difficulties of their students.
  • Although I didn’t use the most intelligent solution, I tackled one of the IQ test questions, in Reg’s view, just like a computer would.

The Question

Thirteen balls fall though the maze and arrive at the five exits at the bottom. As each ball falls through a gate the gate switches. The problem was to determine the final distribution of the balls in the exits.
The intelligent solution was to track balls jointly through each gate e.g. for the first gate which is initially switched right seven balls fall right and six will fall left. For the second gate (on the left), of the six that fall through it, three fall each way. The throughput of the remaining gates can be determined in the same way. QED!
My solution was to track each ball separately to an exit, using 0 or 1 to show original or switched status of the gate. This approach took much longer than the preferred solution, but that I subconsciously used 0s and 1s to show gate status could have got me the job, as Reg was impressed by my “binary” solution!


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