SUPERMAN Philip Green

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s… Philip Green!

Philip Green Superman

SUPERMAN Philip Green never gets bored with his SUPERLIFESTYLE

Philip Green Super Jet

SUPERMAN Philip Green never ever takes travelling in his SUPERJET for granted

Philip Green Super Yacht

SUPERMAN Philip Green never takes living in his SUPERYACHT luxury homes for granted

  • Leopard Print Boat Closeup

  • Leopard Print Boat

SUPERMAN Philip Green never thinks his LEOPARDPRINTSPEEDBOAT is totally crass.



British Home Stores has been left with a pension deficit of £571m, after Green and his family leached £586m from the ailing company.

Why not transplant a conscience – give back the £586m to BHS pension holders?

Morally reprehensible, legally questionable, Philip Green’s role in the 88-year-old company’s downfall must face serious investigation.

Asked why he had sold BHS to twice-bankrupt, retail novice ‎Dominic Chappell for just a £1, Green said “If I give you my plane and you crash it into the first fucking mountain, is that my fault?”

See The True Colour of Crime

“In this situation it appears this owner extracted hundreds of millions of pounds from the business and walked away to his favourite tax haven, leaving the Pension Protection Scheme to pick up the bill”.
Angela Eagle Shadow Business Secretary

“How much responsibility for the £571m deficit in the pension fund lies with Sir Philip Green, who sold BHS to Chappell and his inexperienced crew for £1 a year ago.”
Tory MP Richard Fuller.

“There is a very simple and honourable solution to this crisis; repay the dividends, live up to the name he has chosen for his new yacht, ‘Lionheart’, or lose his knighthood”.
John Mann Labour MP and member of the Treasury select committee

Philip Green Super Mates

And SUPERMAN Philip Green never grows tired of his SUPERCRONIES and SUPEREXCESSES

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