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The truth, all some of the truth and nothing but of the truth

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It seems that voting in the EU referendum will be a question of deciding which politicians or political commentators are telling the most truth.

Four Pinocchios

The Washington post run a “Fact Checker” where they award up to four “Pinocchio points” as a dishonesty rating.

Reality is that politicians manipulate facts to suit their political ambitions.

Boris Johnson Vote Leave

Although Donald Trump is the master of post-truth politics, he is not its sole practitioner. This week, Boris Johnson reminded us that he has more in common with Trump than just a lovingly styled, idiosyncratic head of blond hair.


The former London mayor ventured to Cornwall to climb aboard the Brexit battlebus, a vehicle which, improbably enough, was itself guilty of a lie. Emblazoned on the side was the slogan: “We send the EU £350 million a week.” Except it’s not true. That figure fails to take account of Britain’s rebate – negotiated, incidentally, by the Brexiteers’ heroine, Margaret Thatcher – worth the best part of £100m each week. To say nothing of the money the EU sends back to the UK, mainly to help British farmers, which reduces the net weekly cost of EU membership to an estimated £160m or less.
Taken from the Guardian

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