Asset Stripping

There are lots of everyday uses of the verb “to strip”. Here are some common examples, but example 10 isn’t found by search engines.

  1. to strip wallpaper
  2. to strip off
  3. to strip a fruit of its rind
  4. to strip sheets from the bed
  5. to strip a tree of its bark
  6. to strip a person of all privileges
  7. to strip a house of its contents
  8. to strip a ship of rigging
  9. to strip a man of his possessions
  10. to strip employees of their future
  • BHS Staff

  • BHS Staff 2

“We can confirm that we are undertaking an investigation into the BHS pensions scheme to determine whether it would be appropriate to use our anti-avoidance powers”.
The Pensions Regulator


If you search the internet for images of “stripper”, in addition to the most common found (the most common I’ve not shown!), I’ve included a couple that search engines should find.

  • Wallpaper Stripping

    Wallpaper Stripper

  • Paint Stripping

    Paint Stripper

Asset Stripper Philip Green

Master Stripper Philip Green

Dominic Chappell

Apprentice Stripper Dominic Chappell

Asset strippers are predator firms which take control of another firm with the objective of selling off that firm’s assets for financial gain, rather than continuing the firm as an ongoing business.


Asset stripping is the unacceptable face of capitalism and it’s time the UK made asset stripping illegal.

Philip Green failed BHS, but rather than “take it on the chin”, he “cut and run” and “had his cake and eat it too”.

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