A life in Cars

Austin A40
Ford Consul Mk 1
MG Magnet ZA

Learnt to drive in an Austin A40. Instructor first took me to a dual carriageway and said “put your foot down” but remember most eighteen year olds fail because of driving too fast. Got speed out of my system and passed after six lessons. All I could afford!


My Dad paid £60 for a two tone Ford Consul Mk1. After adding some “cool” improvements to the interior decided to change the noisy gear box. Went to a breakers yard but had to remove a replacement unit myself. After installing it found it was worse than the original so had to change back. Got good at removing and installing gearboxes in the street using my feet though.


The MG Magnet was a disaster. Looked good but was a rust bucket superficially “tarted up”. Learnt that beauty was only skin deep”

Morris Mini Cooper
Hillman Imp
Vauxhall Viva

A Morris Mini Cooper with a Fish carburetor installed. After an initial foot-down splutter acceleration was awesome with little wheel spin. Problem with rusty door sills.


A rear engined Hillman Imp enabled first and only project to strip down and completely refurbish an engine, made easy by being able to drop it and push car away.


Developed a taste for that brand new car smell with a Vauxhall Viva. Remember being hesitant in investing in a brand new car because oil was going to run out!

Ford Consul Estate
Ford Consul Salloon
Renault Fuego GTX

An embarrassingly yellow Ford Cortina Estate was my first company car. Took a lot of effort to get the entitlement on the basis that I had to carry AV equipment around.


Cortina saloon became first company car as manager of the AV Department.


Renault Fuego GTX was first company car of my own event production company RS2 Ltd.

Astra GTE
Vauxhall Cavalier MK 3
Jaguar XJS Coupe

Astra GTE was last boy racer. Too light, too much power ended up with wheel spin.


Vauxhall Cavelier GTE was first sensible own company car.


Employed an MD who suggested an upgrade to a Jaguar XJS. First nail in the demise of my company.

BMW 5 Series
BMW 3 Series
Ford Escort

MD decided he wanted a better model, I inherited his old BMW 5 Series. Second big mistake.


As a bankrupt I was only able to drive a second hand BMW 3 Series.


Spent many days in derusting a Ford Escort belonging to Sue only having it stolen on its first outing.


Laguna became first company car of new company Westside Media.


Nissan Primera second company car. Westside Media Ltd failed mostly due to loss of contract with Sage (Eggs in one basket). Car had to be returned. Didn’t like it anyway!


Sues VW Polo borrowed while subcontracting for Royal Mail. First major breakdown ever with blown head gasket.

VW Golf
Freelander 2
Discovery Sport

Subcontracting allowed cash purchase of new VW Golf import.


Subcontracting profits enabled cash purchase of Landrover Freelander 2 – our current mode of transport.


Just a dream at the moment- who knows?